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  • Sky is no limit (Beasy Clyde prod.)
  • Исполнитель (артист): Dean Solo
  • Длительность 3:12
  • Формат: mp3
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Текст песни "Dean Solo - Sky is no limit (Beasy Clyde prod.)"

Verse 1

I put my shades on , holding rudder tight ,
Any girl when she sees me she goes wild ,
We r like a pirates , no mercy for traitors
I celebrate new dwelling, list only for greatest
All I do is win and i can make it big ,
Sky is no limit , rep intergalactic ligue .
Ur boyfriend^s insecure but im cool with dat
Nice to meet u and im so glad .
Im on this shit and I never go quit
Ur superficial but im falling this deep
Beasy on the beat ,
im in this game like I was born for it...
so alive but stuck in graveyard
buried these hatters no space in my backyard
call me sky walker , i walk between two stars ,
im by myself no need for u to get far ….


Level so high we don’t need rehearsal
They call u world wide im universal
Sky is no limit 4x
U cross a finish line, I pull a trigger …
Started ground zero but I can make it bigger
Sky is no limit 4x

Verse 2

Im so fly , Millenium Falcon
Fired for inventions, im a Hughes Malcolm
So unique art , like I never see my clone
Built a castle with a sand no I built it with a stone
Been gone so long , many miles I ve been strong
Stepped down to the gulf no u think I was wrong …right ?
Im on this shit like my own … no limit in my zone
Im on the top of the world , u cant reach me by ur phone …
I got this shit I murder it , roar em down made em quit
Set the riot make cry havoc , born so wild now im amuck
My cup always full aint positive , destination is Helly I ran through it
Searching for a gud life is the trukfit , life is no limit take a part of it ….

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